A Fish Does Not Know It Is In Water


Words are only for distinctions,
and so there cannot really even be a symbol,
not even an idea, of the non-distinction.

We cannot think it, but we can feel it,
though we do not feel it like an object.

You feel you are alive, that you are conscious,
but you do not know what consciousness is because consciousness is present
in every conceivable kind of experience.

 It is like the space in which we live,
which is everywhere.

It is like a fish in water;
the fish does not know it is in the water,
because it never leaves it.

(Alan Watts)

1 Response to “A Fish Does Not Know It Is In Water”

  1. March 4, 2011 at 2:42 pm

    This is deep. I’m looking for quotes that parallel this idea of being totally immersed in something to being disciplined. When you learn to play a sport and learn a new skill or subject in school, you have to maintain a certain level of focus and commitment forgoing distraction of all many kinds in order to master it. In order to do this you may need to forget that you’re doing it. Those who think about doing it are probably not doing it right. That’s the secret of the 1% of mega successful people who make success look effortless. That’s because it is effortless for them. They don’t think about it. They are the fish in the water. They don’t even realize they’re swimming any more, because not swimming has become inconceivable.

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